Engine distribution

Diesel-Bec provides sales, maintenance and tailor-made solutions design for all types of diesel engines, power transmissions and generators.

Engine sales and remanufacturing

Since 1920, Centre de moteur JS Levesque is a leader in sales, repair and remanufacturing of diesel engines, generators and air compressors. Whether it is destined to applications such as construction, mining, forestry sectors or in the areas of agriculture and trucking, our team is recognized for the quality of its products and services

Generator sales and manufacturing

New diesel engines, power transmissions, generators and custom design service.

Engine distribution

New Way Diesel Inc. is a versatile company working in several areas related to the distribution of diesel engines. The expertise of the engineering team, responsible for the design of power, energy and control solutions, is supported by a superior parts and repair service. This allows the team to propose ambitious and durable solutions to a wide variety of customers.

The gold standard of the engine industry JS Levesque and its four business units handle the sale of engines, generators, power transmissions and parts, as well as engine repair and rebuilding.

Since 1920, we have been committed to supporting our customers through the entire life cycle of their equipment, offering the industry’s top names, human support, and the cutting-edge expertise of our engineering department.

We’re incredibly proud to offer you a century of hard-earned experience.



Power transmission


Repairs and remanufacturing